Hunting information

Genral  hunting information:

The hunting season in namibia  is from the  1. of february  to the 30. of november.
 Our own farm area has a size of 12.500 ha. The concession area comprises a size of about 500.00 ha.
Hunting weapons and ammunition can be hired on our farm for the duration of your stay.
Shot game which can’t be found after the hunt  are regarded as hatched.


The african hunting conditions provide other requirements for the hunter as usual, that’s why we recommend you to arrange enough time for your stay in namibia. We can’t be liable for possible losses, injuries, accidents and delays. We recommend you to cover a corresponding incurace. A hunting license isn’t necessary in Namibia. Special vaccinations aren’t required, but it’s  advisable to boost the general vaccinations. Please attend that there is a high AIDS/HIV rate in Namibia.

On the website of the professional hunting association of namibia you will find general huntin informations about hunting in namibia.


Weapons and ammunition:

The minimum power for projectiles required by law is Eo = 2700 joule. We recommend you to bring 50 bullets. A bow needs minimum 60 pounds.



In the morning and in the evening it can get very cold. ( to -8°C  from May – August)

The solar radiation is very strong.


Recommended Equipment:

  •   video Camera
  •   Camera
  •   binoculars
  •   knife
  •   torch
  •   Jacket (parka) (solid, green, khaki or dark camouflage)
  •   long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts
  •   Long pants (solid, green, khaki or dark camouflage)
  •   Sturdy footwear (leather boots are recommended)
  •   Gloves
  •   wide-brimmed hat
  •   Sunscreen
  •   Lip protection
  •   sunglasses


More information:

You will find more interesting information about hunting in namibia on the website of the Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA).