Description and Identification:

Shoulder height:                    Males                    0,70 m - 0,80 m

                                             Females                    0,50 m -0,60 m

Body mass:                              Males                    60 kg - 80 kg

                                             Females                    30 kg – 50 kg

  • Stocky compact body without mane fur of rosettes and interrupted rings, no markings under the eyes
  • Tracks have no nail impression
  • Tail is longer than the combined head & body length
  • Move silent



Social behavior:

  • Leopards are typical lone wolfs
  • Have large territories which they mark and defend against intruders. Territories of male usually cover more territories of females
  • Territories are marked with urine and excrements and also with their characteristic sawing noise
  • Try to avoid contact with human beings but some leopards attack
  • Dangerous to hunt especially when wounded




Source: J D Skinner R H N Smithers: mammals of the southern african subregion; Hunting School-Seminar Study Namibia