Description and Identification:

Shoulder height:              Males                50cm    

                                       Females                52cm    

Body mass:                       Males                 15 kg – 18 kg

                                      Females                 16 kg – 21 kg

  • Upper parts   – grayish or reddish yellow
  • Under parts   - white or grey or tinged red
  • Forehead is usually reder and darker than the body
  • Distinct black band on top of the muzzle
  • Duiker males have a tuft of long black or brown hair between the horns
  • Only the males have horns – rise vertically –short and straight
  • Duiker bases    –ridged


Social Behavior:

  • Duiker normally solitary
  • Duiker pair during mating
  • Females move with their offspring
  • Active     –early morning and late afternoon well into the dark
  • Duiker rest in bushes or tall grass
  • When disturbed    –plunge off- looking back momentarily for cause of disturbance
  • Usually one young 
  • New born are hidden in cover –can run within 24 hours   



Quelle: J D Skinner and R H N Smithers, The Mammals of the Southern African Subregion;  Hunting school-Seminar study Namibia