Description and Identification:


Shoulder height:            Males and Females            0,8m

Body mass:                      Males and Females            40 kg - 60


Total lenght:                   Males and Females            2,0 m


Cheetahs are known as the fastest animal on earth over short distances. They typically have spotted coats on skin.

Their slender bodies are held high above the ground by long thin legs. A cheetah`s head is distinctly rounded with ears that are set widely apart from each other, and characteristically are their short muzzles. The tail of a cheetah is approximately equivalent to the length of the head and half the body. Hindquarters are lower than the shoulders.

Cheetahs have five digits on the front feet, from which only four can be seen in the spoor, and four on the hind.


Social behavior:

  • Cheetahs are diurnal and mostly active around sunrise and sunset
  • Often seen in groups of two or even family parties of three or four
  • Cubs remain with the female for almost a year and after that period siblings often remain together.
  • Adult males follow a solitary lifestyle and only join females during their estrus, which is not restricted to a breeding season.
  • Home ranges of cheetahs are very large with sizes up to 1500 km² for females and 800 km² for males