The Huntingfarm Ondombo

Carefull, one slow step after another, the moment you have been working for hours or days is near, one more branch to the side, ready your gun. The sweat is burning on your scratched arms, take a deep breath, the game stands good, the bullet leaves the barrel. This is Africa! There is nothing that compares to  it, it will never let you go!

You hunt with your heart, live the hunt on our own 12.500 acres big hunting area and on our 500.000 acres hunting commission area where you have all opportunities.

Here Thorn bush savannah and open grasslands alternate with green hills. Over dusty ground, sandy riverbanks and rocks lead the tracks of many different species.  You will see Oryx, Kudu, Springbuck, Impala , Gnu and many other game crossing your way. Take your chance and experience great!


No matter if you stalk through the bushes or wait at waterholes, African game is always a challenge. Usually we drive around with the Jeep and spot for good game, after we have spotted one we stalk for it. It depends on your skill and luck weather it will be a short stalk or long stalk.


Distributed over the whole hunting area are natural and artificial waterholes and salt places which provide good chances to see and hunt game.

Always at your side are our very well skilled and experienced professional hunters. Their skills will astonish you, even we wonder how they can be as good.

We also offer hunting opportunities for bowhunters ! You can rely on our professional hunter to bring you to close distance to the game to make a save shot. You will experience a unique hunt.


At the end of a successful hunt there is a trophy which tells a story. We want you to delight on your trophies and therefore we offer a professional trophyservice including preparation for taxidermy, packing and distribution by a forwarding agent to your home or a taxidermist of your choice.

If you wish so, we apply trophy medals for your trophies at the Namibia Professional Hunter Association (NAPHA).